Hublot Celebrates Bitcoin’s Anniversary With Limited Watch Offer
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Nov. 6, 2018

LVMH owned Swiss watch legend Hublot introduced a bitcoin-exclusive accessory costing $25.000 made for the Big Bang line.

Hublot CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe thinks that by the end of 2019 customers will have the chance to buy all their watches with cryptocurrencies, but first, they will offer another exclusive series of watches.

Hublot is not entering the crypto-world blindly, they are together with Octagon Strategy Ltd, a Hong Kong-based digital asset brokerage company to cover the bases for anti-money laundering and fund transfer services.

Two hundred ten limited edition watches honoring the 10th Bitcoin Whitepaper anniversary were all ordered out and are now waiting for their deliveries in January. Buyers, whose orders are accepted, will get a purchase agreement for a specific bitcoin price.

LVMH’s watch chief Jean-Claude Biver who left his position earlier this month oversaw Hublot’s sponsorship to private schools and TAG Heuer’s move into smartwatches.

Guadalupe aims to top $600 million revenue for Hublot this year.

Let’s also not forget that based on a report 77% of wealthy Americans between 24 and 38 years of age do believe that the current economic system is not ideal and they are pro-crypto. Hublot’s move to offer quality timepieces for cryptocurrency targets a very specific and a growing group of shoppers.

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