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Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss sue an early bitcoin (Bitcoin) investor and entrepreneur Charlie Shrem for over 5,000 bitcoins, which, according to the twins, he owed them.

On November 1, the New York Times reported that Shrem, who had previously spent a year in prison for money laundering and drug sales organization on the darknet, helped the Winklevoss brothers invest in bitcoins in 2012.

Acting as their first adviser on cryptocurrencies, he received $750,000 for the purchase of cryptocurrencies on behalf of the brothers. Later in September 2012, they gave him another $250,000 for the same purpose but later realized that Shrem didn't return them the full amount in bitcoins.

The twins claim that since then they lost about 5,000 coins, which now cost almost $32 million. At the time of the deal in 2012, the bitcoin exchange rate was about $12.5.

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