Depp Out, Keaton In, Freeman Ideal: Who Plays McAfee?
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The “King of the Jungle” movie, which is known to be based on the “John McAfeeʼs Last Stand” article published six years ago in ‘the Wired’ and narrates about McAfee’s period of life when he went wild and moved to Belize, is getting a new main actor.

The previous candidate who was supposed to play McAfee in the movie didn’t meet expectations of the real one and was replaced by the businessman.

Replying to the question of one of his followers McAfee explained that the reason for such a change is that Johny Depp “turned Hunter Thompson into a parody in Fear and Loathing for example,” and that’s why McAfee doesn’t believe that Depp has enough “depth” to play this role. However, the entrepreneur considers him “as a great actor”.

Michael Keaton, who is famous for his role in “Beetlejuice”, became the new star of the movie who replaced Johny Depp. Keaton wasn’t number 1 either in the preference list of the crypto enthusiast. As it was stated in his tweet, he was seriously hoping for Morgan Freeman to play the main role.

This idea saw an immediate response:

However, the reason that Johny Depp was removed from the process became his newly announced collaboration with TaTaTu platform.

“It seems, personalities in the crypto sphere are flexing muscles that can reach even into the hallowed halls of Hollywood,” McAfee admitted later.

He also dispelled the assumptions of his followers that the famous actor was used only in order to draw attention to the film.

“He was on board for almost a year before being fired. The pussy couldn't handle my drugs. Keaton will have no problem,” McAfee said.

Johnny Depp to Endorse TaTaTu Blockchain Startup

Famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp started cooperating with the blockchain project TaTaTu earlier this month. Under the agreement, the celebrity and the startup will be engaged in the film release. All digital content that will be produced under the agreement is planned to be released through Depp’s film company Infinitum Nihil. According to Hollywood Reporter, the company will help to distribute joint projects.

Recall that the father of the famous antivirus lived in Belize for several years until local authorities began to suspect him of illegal possession of weapons, production of drugs and even a murder. He himself claimed to be innocent and subsequently fled the country to Guatemala, then he was deported to the United States.

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