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Crypto exchange service Changelly assisted Bithumb exchange to recover 1 million XRP after the platform was hacked in June.

Changelly, Hong Kong crypto service, reported that it had helped the South Korean exchange platform Bithumb recover the 1,063,500 stolen Ripple (XRP/USD) after a massive hack in June.

In June 2018, hackers attacked the leading South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb. As soon as the theft was discovered, the exchange temporarily suspended all deposits and withdrawals and transferred the funds of its customers to a cold wallet.

Because of the hacking, Bithumb initially lost its $30 million in cryptocurrency. Four months after the incident, Bithumb recovered about $14 million after it began working with global partners. Changelly managed to detect a significant number of suspicious crypto transactions and save funds. The recovered funds cost about $585,000.

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