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Stellar Lumens presents a pilot version of its second-layer payments system Starlight.

The Starlight developer Dan Robinson explained that regular transaction in Stellar, like in other networks, involves publishing details in an open for all mode, paying a small commission and some waiting time required to confirm payment.

The essence of the payment channel is that it “freezes” some of the funds for its users. Then “they can afford these funds without any further involvement of the network, these payments are private, instant and free.”

While the payment channel is functioning, the details of the transactions are not published on the Blockchain – this happens only after the channel is closed. At the same time, even after the channel is closed, only the final settlement will be available on the network – all current activity in the channel remains known only to its users.

According to Robinson, Starlight is an analog of the payment channels of the Lightning Network. Stellar plans to achieve Starlight compatibility with other Blockchain solutions, such as Lightning Network and Interledger.

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