Call of Duty Players Steal $3M in Crypto
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Oct. 24, 2018
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A man from Dolton and another from Bloomington commited a crime, having stolen more than 3 million in cryptocurrency, Chicago Sun-Times, reports.

It’s said that both man have met with other members of hack group while playing the famous video game “Call of Duty.”

The suspect from Bloomington told FBI that a group of hackers forced him to join against his will.

The group of hackers was uncovered by a blockchain platform Augur.

Augur discovered that its asset, the Reputation Token (REP), was being stolen and then requested the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

After a while, FBI launched an investigation that led to the revelation around $805,000 in REP.

The anonymous suspect from Bloomington confirmed that he helped the group hack over 100 mobile devices in order to steal crypto.

Earlier in October, Kerem Albayrak, an IT analyst from London, had been charged with one count of blackmail in address of Apple, demanding $175,000 in bitcoin (BTC).

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