Giant Bitcoin Rat Appears on Wall Street
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A giant, inflatable rat appeared in front of Federal Reserve of NY on Wall Street, according to Reddit post.

It’s said that rat was created by Nelson Saiers, who is ex-hedge fund manager.

In an interview with Coindesk, Saiers said that the idea was to show that bitcoin as poison may be good:

“Warren Buffett called bitcoin ‘rat poison squared’ but if the Fed’s a rat, then maybe rat poison is a good thing.”

It’s not the first time, when rats appear on Wall Street as a protest symbol. The first "trade union rat" appeared in New York in 1991, the heyday of the movement occurred in the years 2001-2003.

Earlier this year, the head of U.S. Federal Reserve Jerome Powell made a number of critical statements against bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In particular, he noted that cryptocurrencies "are great" for money laundering.

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