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In a recent interview with Bloomberg on Institutional Crypto conference in NY, the founder and CEO of Pantera Capital Management, Dan Morehead, has discussed the bitcoin’s position on financial market and its future.

Morehead shared his thoughts, recalling the very beginning of bitcoin on Wall Street:

“I remember in the early era of Bitcoin, no Wall Street firm touched blockchain in any way. And then when the prior panelist, Tom Jessop [founding head of Fidelity Digital Assets] invested in Circle, within five months, 80 Wall Street firms had a piece of something.”

He also mentioned the recent appearance of Bakkt and how it’ll affect the whole crypto market in the near future:

“With Bakkt doing a crypto exchange, I think within like six months, everyone is going to try to get a piece of something.”

However, at the end of the interview, the Head of Pantera Capital said that Bitcoin ETF-s are probably “years away”:

“The SEC doesn't want widows and orphans buying Bitcoin ETFs. They don't even know if Bitcoin is officially a security. So, I think an ETF is years away."

Pantera Capital — is an investment firm focused exclusively on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and crypto assets.

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