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Oct. 16, 2018
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Roger Ver, CEO of, and Mate Tokay, Chief Operating Officer of, reported that they joined Azbit exchange as consultants. This news is interesting in the context of the recent statement by Roger Vera about the intention to open his own cryptocurrency exchange.

Roger Ver also explained why he shifted from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash. He states that Bitcoin Cash is the “the real Bitcoin.” Bitcoin Cash is the same version of Bitcoin that he initially got involved in 2011.

“And the thing that everyone is calling Bitcoin in the media todayit has the name ‘Bitcoin’ but it doesn't have any of the characteristics that made Bitcoin popular to begin with and it doesn't have most of the entrepreneurs that made Bitcoin popular to begin with.”

Azbit is an independent project, the exchange is a part of a large-scale ecosystem. At the time, while Roger plans to launch his own exchange, Azbit is 80% ready. It’s based on the existing crypto exchange, which has been operating since 2016.

Azbit announced the release of tokenized shares (with the possibility of receiving dividends) during a crowdfunding campaign. Since Azbit AG is registered in Switzerland, it has the right to issue shares. Azbit plans to launch an investment platform with social copytrading opportunities, where investors can entrust their assets to experienced traders.

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