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Oct. 14, 2018
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According to a recent interview with Bleacher Report, budding NBA star Spencer Dinwiddie will accept crypto via his own shoe brand, called K8IROS.

The interview states:

“...when Dinwiddie's shoe hits the market, fans will be allowed to buy it with bitcoin.”

Spencer first learned about bitcoin in 2014, when one of his friends, who works in finance, advised this digital asset. Later Spencer even registered in Coinbase.

"Spencer's got the courage of his convictions.I didn't get into bitcoin. A lot of people looked at it and watched, but Spencer's not afraid to take a risk," said Tad Boyle, Dinwiddie's college coach at the University of Colorado.

It’s not the first time, when NBA is expanding into new market.

Last year, Dallas Mavericks and HDNet owner Mark Cuban invested into a crypto venture fund. In addition, a NBA team Sacramento Kings was even mining ethereum in order to support the charity initiative, MiningForGood.

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