Ethereum Constantinople Hardfork in 2018: Yes? No? Maybe?
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Activation of the Ethereum update Constantinople in the Testnet Ropsten took place at block 4,230,000. However, there were some problems with the upgrade process. Ropsten blockchain had stalled for a while on the block 4,299,999. The cause of the incident is still unknown. Some Ethereum developers suggested that it was the fault of the code updating issue, or the reluctance of miners to activate Constantinople.

Turned out that transactions are not made on the network. Afri Schoedon, Parity release manager, said problems were caused by the fact that many miners didn’t update the software, despite Ethereum developers' calls to maintain the stability of the Ropsten network. He also expressed confidence that Constantinople will not take place this year, as it is necessary to thoroughly investigate the problem.

It is worth noting that the date of the upcoming hardfork raises questions. For example, last week during the traditional videoconference of Ethereum developers it was announced that the planned hardfork Constantinople will take place, most likely, in November. Several customer developers have confirmed that they are ready to launch on the test network.

"The core developers are excited about the upcoming testnet release of Constantinople. We are on the right track to hopefully release Constantinople on mainnet less than 1 month after Devcon,” Hudson Jameson, a communications officer for the Ethereum Foundation, said.

Although, initially hardfork was supposed to take place even earlier. It was expected that the activation of Constantinople in the Ethereum mainnet will take place before the Devcon4 conference, which will be held from October 30 to November 2 in Prague.


  • Constantinople is one of the stages of the global update of the Ethereum network. It includes a number of changes, such as a decrease in rewards for miners and an increase in the speed and scalability of the platform. Ropsten is a test network with reduced security, in which developers test various innovations before using them in the main blockchain.
  • The update on the testnet was also postponed five days after the scheduled date due to a detected vulnerability. Developers had to postpone the update date so that the nodes operators would have time to respond to this problem.

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