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Steve Wozniak made a new statement on cryptocurrencies. The co-founder of Apple is confident that investors expect too much from digital assets, whereas the growth of this industry can be compared to the early days of the Internet. Wozniak is sure that it is not worth hoping for a much rapid growth of the crypto market and investors should cherish their most optimistic forecasts.

“It is not going to go very fast. In those early days of the Internet, people started talking about apps that would let you book your airplane flight, apps that make reservations, do everything in your life. But it didn’t happen very fast, and there was a huge crash. The bubble burst.” he explained at the Mastercard’s “Connecting Tomorrow” event in Barcelona.

He also stressed that governments will still find ways to regulate the crypto sphere despite the anonymity of transactions. “It’s a little too hard to track down who is doing what transactions and a great part of our life and existence, is knowing what transactions are there so governments can tax them,” he said.

Steve Wozniak Agreed That Bitcoin Could Become a Single Currency


  • Steve Wozniak really wants bitcoin to become a single currency on the Internet. The Apple co-founder said he also likes ethereum, admitting he has two coins. He also suggested that ethereum could become the new Apple.
  • This summer, the famous programmer joined the EQUI Capital blockchain project team. According to Wozniak, he was struck by the technology underlying the cryptocurrency.
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