Hyperledger & Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Join Forces
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Oct. 2, 2018
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Leading blockchain consortiums Hyperledger Project and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announced a partnership. They will cooperate in creating uniform standards for corporate blockchains. The Hyperledger website explains that each organization is part of another as an associate member.

Developers of both consortiums will be able to cooperate with each other, participate in certification programs of both teams, and jointly participate in working groups, meetings, and conferences. Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is focused on standards and specifications, and Hyperledger is engaged in the implementation of solutions.

In a statement, the executive director of the Hyperledger consortium, Brian Behlendorf, said that the joint work will allow corporate customers to get "better assurances of interoperability as well as multiple vendors of choice".

"This relationship will also enable Hyperledger developers to write code that conforms to the EEA specification and certify them through EEA certification testing programs expected to launch in the second half of 2019”, — the statement says.


  • Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Hyperledger are the largest consortiums on the market, which include the giants of the technology sector. Their joint work on the creation of corporate blockchains will bring new solutions to the market, and, as their statement says, will help to broaden the adoption of technology in the business environment.
  • The alliances have been working together on projects since 2017 when the Hyperledger Burrow product was launched.

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