Stellar Lumens On The Rise
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Sept. 30, 2018

Recently Stellar has been going strong and showing good results, without trailing after bitcoin.

The much loved by the community Stellar (XLM) has been on the rise as of late. Though the nature of the market is extremely volatile, and there were a couple of sharp turns for the crypto over the week, the bullish tendency the coin is pursuing was not stifled. Currently Stellar has secured the 6th place in the top-100, as according to

Other news around Stellar is also of the positive kind. Coinbase, a major crypto exchange, has made a prior announcement that they will be adding the crypto in an attempt to introduce more altcoins to their platform. If this happens Stellar’s stable position in the top-10 is sure to enable it to be amongst the first out of the announced five to be added.

Stellar has also introduced the Stellar Payband platform, a blockchain-based wristband technology that will incorporate cryptos into everyday use. According to Stellar’s Reddit post, such a wristband can come in handy when at a conference or festival. “Cell phones die…wristbands do not. Going cashless at festivals is the new trend. Why not use the fastest and cheapest method of sending money?”


  • We are starting to see that bitcoin isn’t the only trend creator and that altcoins can fluctuate and grow separately from the crypto father.
  • This can mean that in the future we could be able to see a stronger altcoin game.

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