CoinText Calling for New Altcoins
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CoinText is ready to add Litecoin (LTC/USD) and Dash (DASH/USD) to its SMS service. Until then, was a service for managing Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin.Cash) transactions using text messages.

In fact, this is the first fully functional crypto wallet that does not require applications, accounts, passwords or the Internet. The service is available to anyone who has a phone with text message support. CoinText users manage their wallet using simple text commands. Customers can send money to phone numbers or BCH addresses via SMS. Transactions are made almost instantly.

The only thing worth considering, new coins will be available only to users in Canada and the U.S., while Bitcoin Cash is available in 20 countries. At the same time, the Venezuelan market remains a priority for Dash. That's why earlier Dash announced the launch of its own beta version of the Dash Text service with the ability to send money via SMS messages. Representatives of the project believe that the new service is especially relevant for a country where only 40% of the population has access to smartphones.


  • Since CoinText performs operations via SMS, the platform wallet has a number of advantages over traditional crypto wallet. So with it, you can send BCH to the most primitive models of mobile phones, which is especially important for developing countries. According to the developers, CoinText does not store users' funds, and all SMS transactions are in the blockchan.
  • Unlike conventional crypto wallets, the CoinText service does not require users to register on the exchange, store phrases or private keys. CoinText wallet works with basic and simple commands. In this regard, the project’s concepts and new altcoins are quite in tune, as both Litecoin and Dash position themselves as crypto for daily expenses. Although the addition of Litecoin is not so obvious given its open competition with Bitcoin Cash.

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