IBM & HACERA Reveal Blockchain Projects’ 'Yellow Pages'
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IBM and HACERA have created a blockchain-based “Unbounded Registry”. The new ledger will include all the blockchain consortiums, distributed registries, and decentralized applications in order to systematize companies involved in the industry and make information about them available to the world. The development team also included representatives from Intel, Huawei, Batavia, Hitachi and the Australian Blockchain Association.

Unbounded Registry will simplify the registration, search and interaction with the blockchain companies, with already listed Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, R3 Corda, EEA Quorum, Stellar Network and others among them.


  • In 1830 the first Yellow Pages appeared as an organized catalog of organizations. It had a serious impact on trade and made a key contribution to the industrial revolution. Basically the Yellow Pages put a business on the map and made companies famous around the world.
  • Similarly, in the late 1990s, ICANN also coordinated several online catalogs by creating a Domain Name System (DNS), which became a key for the Internet and the World Wide Web.
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