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Sept. 4, 2018

Former Estonian Prime Minister and current parliamentary, Taavi Roivas in now consulting a crypto startup Lympo. The politician that was in charge of the government form 2014 to 2016 has become a chairman of the supervisory committee.

According to a press release, Lympo is a project promoting a healthy lifestyle. The project will motivate participants to undertake sports by giving out rewards in their LYM tokens. Roivas has since confirmed that information on his twitter, calling upon all sports enthusiasts to participate in the project. He expressed his eagerness to help a promising startup as he is a runner himself.

Lympo is set to be released during fall 2018. The system will track user’s activity and reward them for completing certain objectives. Those tasks could be set up by the project’s partners. In return, the platform will share part of the information collected from users. LYM token is based on ethereum but will soon be transferred over to another ecosystem, most likely NEO.


1) The project's team is adamant that the user is in full control of choosing what kind of information is shared in accordance with the European law.

2) Estonia us one of the most crypto friendly countries in the world. An endorsement by such a high ranking politician should not only serve as proof that the project is genuine but also speed up its adoption.

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