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Sept. 4, 2018
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The petition that aims to persuade Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, to accept dogecoin as a payment option for the market platform has reached 10,000 signatures yesterday.

The petition was presented on 11 months ago with a solid argument saying that the coin is stable, cheap and fast. Petition starter, user Mark E., also mentioned that a dogecoin is an ideal option as a currency instead of being a hoarding asset like bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies You Didn’t Know Exist

So far Amazon hasn’t announced a reply to the petition, and maybe it won’t since the company might plan to issue its own cryptocurrency. Earlier, a similar petition was conducted and Google Play market accepted dogecoin while it had only 1463 signatures.

Tomorrow, on September 5, dogecoin is scheduled to launch Dogethereum which will allow the coin to utilize smart contracts. That means commercial platforms operating smart contracts might integrate dogecoin as a payment option as well. It’s rather a big step for the coin.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, LTC Now Trading on Yahoo Finance

Meanwhile Yahoo! Finance integrated dogecoin alongside bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin and Poloniex that are also available on the platform.

Despite its “meme” origins, Dogecoin has a lot of popularity. At the time of writing, the capitalization of the 22nd largest cryptocurrency was $607 million.

Dogecoin is seeing some positive numbers on its price and transactions volume recently just like litecoin and bitcoin dark. bitcoin dark saw a giant spike with 260% rise in price and quadrupled its market cap.

Litecoin, on the other hand, has almost tripled its transaction volume over the last 24 hours. Such a growth might be connected with the recent news. Late last week bitcoin-litecoin cross-chain conversion was unveiled, the transfer was executed using Lightning Network technology. Another good news for Litecoin holders came from the start of debit card shipment by TenX wallet. The cards can be funded not only with bitcoin and ethereum but also through litecoin.

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