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Sept. 1, 2018
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Bitcoin has been referenced in Eminem’s new album “Kamikaze”.

Slowly but surely bitcoin is gaining mass awareness. From TV shows, where crypto, in general, has become quite widely referenced, to music. In the track "Not Alike" — featuring Royce Da 5'9' from his latest album "Not Alike" — featuring Royce Da 5'9', Eminem’s feature artist Royce raps: "Remember everybody used to bite Nickel, now everybody doing bitcoin."

The album was announced in a tweet by Marshall Mathers, better known as his stage name: Eminem.

The rap world has been aware of crypto for some time now. Numerous rappers such as Akon and Young Dirty Bastard have launched or have plans to launch their own digital currency.

However, crypto in mass media is usually seen as a means of earning easy money. An eccentric millionaire’s fortune can easily be played off in a TV show as “crypto money.” In "Not Alike", the lyric is rather claiming that bitcoin has become something that people are aware of and participating in.


  1. The popularity of Eminem is with a doubt inestimable, with people of very different ages listening to his music. Some grew up on his earlier albums, some younger people are more acquainted with his later work. However, those whose listen and who aren't aware of bitcoin will surely be curious as to what is this bitcoin that everyone is supposedly "doing"?
  2. Every instance of exposure is a step towards popularizing crypto and making it a mainstream phenomenon.
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