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The CEO of Dash, Ryan Taylor, got under the avalanche of the recent collapse of cryptocurrencies. Turns out some members of the community are very unhappy with him, demanding his resignation.

The proposal to dismiss Taylor from the position of general director came from the user under the nickname "SavingPrivateDash". He claims that Taylor should be transferred to an advisory position. According to him, Ryan Taylor destroyed the market confidence in Dash, repeatedly violating promises. He also stressed that the general director did not fulfill the promises made to them in 2016, despite the millions of dollars available to him.

SavingPrivateDash claims that if the price of Dash (DASH/USD) is below $80, there will be no funds for any other community projects and to pay salaries to Dash Core Group (DCG) employees. He believes that the "threshold for complete chaos" is probably about $150-150.

The director of Dash bounty program Jim Bursch considers this statement too loud. He believes that Dash once outlined a road map with unrealistic expectations, but at that moment it seemed a possible scenario.

It should be noted that the community also did not support the SavingPrivateDash proposal. Only 154 users voted for this offer, while 960 against and 25 abstained.


  • Such a proposal may seem a little tough, but it should be borne in mind that the market as a whole is in a state of recession and all the cryptocurrency projects are lagging behind various given promises.
  • Ryan Taylor worked in the financial services and technology market for 15 years. Before joining Dash, he was a stock analyst at a New York investment company. He moved to the crypto sphere, because he considers it a prospect. Taylor is confident that this is a very young industry with a huge potential for intelligent projects. He also believes that this technology can change the world for the better by giving people from the most unprotected layers greater financial freedom.
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