Hong Kong Accepts Blockchain Immigrants
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Hong Kong seeks to attract talent from around the world in the field of blockchain and other innovative technologies through a special immigration policy.

The Hong Kong government has created a list of 11 professions that can receive privileges when applying for the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS). Experts in the field of innovation and technology will have a much greater chance of successfully passing the procedure.

The QMAS program aims at increasing the flow of highly qualified and talented people to the region. Thus, the authorities want to increase the competitiveness of Hong Kong. Candidates undergo special tests and score points that will be used for competitions with other applicants. Those who meet the specifications of a particular profession in the talent list receive bonus points awarded as a part of the QMAS test.


  • The QMAS program was launched in 2006. It allows applicants to enter and settle in a special administrative district of China without a prior invitation to work from a local employer.
  • Blockchain-specialists who want to receive preferences when obtaining a visa must have a bachelor's degree or higher. They should also have experience working in well-known companies and knowledge of how to apply technology in financial services.
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