Maltese PM’s Instagram Faked Spreading Crypto Ponzi Scheme
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Crypto fraudsters decided to take advantage of the fact that the head of the Maltese government, Joseph Muscat, is a supporter of crypto and blockchain. They created a fake account for the prime minister on Instagram and launched a fraudulent scheme in the form of a financial pyramid, Bitcoinist reports.

Through this Instagram, account scammers began to encourage Internet users to invest in cryptocurrency. All interested and potential investors contact someone named Wang Wei who allegedly acts as a representative of the prime minister and agree with him on the investments in digital assets.

Each investor can get a greater return on the investment, as noted on the fake Insta page. At the moment, the account is still running and it’s been followed by 1.3 thousand users.


  • Some photos were taken from the official account of the Prime Minister of Malta so that the fake page looks more legit. The account creators are still unidentified, as well as the Maltese politician himself did not comment on the information about using his name.
  • Note that Prime Minister Muscat’s original and verified Instagram account has 15,000 followers and is run by the Labour Party.
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