Korean TV Looking for Next Satoshi in Reality Show
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New Satoshi Nakamoto will be searched in the South Korean reality show “Blockbattle - Who's The Next Satoshi” on the channel Asia Economy TV. The project will involve developers of blockchain platforms, reports Bitcoin.com.

On October 19 the Korean channel Asia Economy TV starts the project "Blockbattle - Who's The Next Satoshi”. In the reality show, developers who claim to be the "new Satoshi" will take part. They must apply for participation in the competition before September 5.

The show will be attended by developers of blockchain from around the world. There will be five episodes of Blockbattle, in which viewers will be able to vote for the winner in real time.

Ten projects will qualify for the final after the selection procedure. They will go through a series of presentations, one-on-one battles and other team competitions. Ten teams will receive mentors from domestic and international experts in the field of technology, business, law, marketing and finance.

“Crypto” Comes To Hollywood


  • Over the past two years, many cryptocurrency and blockchain programs have appeared on TV. Recently, CNBC has announced a documentary called Bitcoin “Boom or Bust”, which will be aired this week. In Japan, the Tokyo MX TV channel featured a show called Bitgirls, in which cryptocurrencies were used for voting. The show "Startup" from Sony Pictures Television was approved for shooting the third season.
  • Representatives of the film industry are also interested in the crypto world. Bitcoin and other digital currencies are increasingly appearing on the blue screen.
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