Britain Goes Deeper into Blockchain
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The UK government is creating a more favorable environment for blockchain-startups in the country. Also, the UK Ministry of Justice wants to use the distributed ledger technology to improve the performance of its judicial system.

The Department for International Trade announced that Entrepreneur First (EF) investment company will now finance blockchain startups, including foreign ones. This company enjoys the official support of the Government of the country.

Now startups with the potential for growth can easily get an entrepreneurial visa. To do this, they need to get an investment of about $64,000 from a company that the government officially trusts.

It also became known that the Ministry of Justice of Britain plans to use blockchain to create a digital information repository. The platform based on distributed ledger technology will be used to store evidence of violations. The use of such a tool will solve several problems at once. For example, such a platform will give citizens an opportunity to control the distribution of personal data.


  • The investment company is especially interested in startups that aim at solving complex technical problems. If the project is developed in the field of blockage and has also received funding from one of the trusted venture companies, then it will be allowed to work in the country without any problem.
  • Creating an enabling environment for blockchain-companies promotes the development of innovative technology in the country.
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