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Aug. 18, 2018
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Analysts from Invest in Blockchain website analyzed the top-100 cryptocurrencies and came to the disappointing conclusion that most of them do not have a final working product. Authors studied the projects in terms of the current status and its correspondence to the Road map, the release history and the running functions. A "working product" was defined as public and used every day, meaning, that the same platform without an active user base did not fall into this category. It turned out that 60 projects from the 100 largest ones still cannot boast of ready-made solutions.

Most of the remaining 40 are either payment systems (Bitcoin, Litecoin), or sites for "smart" contracts (Ethereum). Analysts also pointed out to the existence of companies with working products that may not be included in these two categories, for example, Augur with its forecast market. However, having a ready solution does not always mean that the project has taken place.

Some working but vulnerable projects such as an anonymous cryptocurrency Verge that recently had to fork after its vulnerability cost the company $1.7 million worth of coins; and a decentralized liquidity platform Bancor, which was hacked at the beginning of July and as a result lost $13 million worth in cryptocurrencies to hackers also made to the list of the ones who ‘passed the test”.

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