Dream Come True: PornHub To Reward With Crypto For Viewing
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Aug. 18, 2018

Tube8 is not as widely known as its subsidiary adult content video service- Pornhub. Recently, the media leaked information that Tube8 intends to introduce cryptocurrency into its service to pay rewards to users for viewing their content or other actions on the site. Tube8 and the Vice Industry Token (VIT) have already entered into an agreement. The completion of the project is expected by the end of the year. Such an initiative will make Tube8 the first adult platform that pays rewards to users for their activity on the site.

Tube8 spokesperson Robin Turne commented on the company’s decision saying that watching porn and getting paid for it is an impossible dream for many people around the world. And with the integration of a Vice Industry Token to the platform, the dream comes true. While other adult content websites are asking for money from their users for the content, “our [Tube8] users will get paid to consume our free content,” he said in the comment to the Nextweb.

The more users interact with the platform’s videos and other content, the more money they earn. However Tube8 does not unveil how the crypto awards would be distributed, but it is most likely that the platform will set certain limits so that users will not get carried away. But now it’s already known that users will not have to pay additional fees for using tokens.

“There are no fees but [Tube8 and Vice Industry Token] will hopefully benefit mutually by expanding their user bases and increasing engagement with their respective products through this collaboration,”

Playboy to Entertain Blockchain Company in Court

Note that in March 2018, Playboy TV, which also specializes in adult content, announced the integration of cryptocurrency into its own service. The platform planned to accept payments in VITs, however, Global Blockchain Technologies (GBT) the company that was responsible for the blockchain implementation has failed in their task.


  • Pornhub has a long history of working with crypto. However, all cryptocurrencies the platform was working with were aimed to be a means of payment for a content watch.
  • Vice Industry Token is a blockchain-based solution that rewards video content creators for content views, with no connection to advertising revenue, or an arbitrary set of rules.
  • Earlier VIT became a sponsor of a “first annual Pornhub Games”.
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