UEFA 1 - Black Market 0
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Today UEFA has announced some good news for football fans all around the world. UEFA launched a new blockchain ticketing system for the UEFA Super Cup game hold in Tallinn this week. All the tickets were being sold by this system over iOS and Android apps for the match between Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid in Tallinn. This was shared on the union’s website.

The goal is to make a safer and simpler tickets sale for the games. The blockchain-based system can distribute tickets, which impossible to fake or duplicate.

UEFA’s blockchain ticketing system is integrated with Bluetooth sensors at Stadium gates. The system was perfected during several trials and used for the first time during the match between Atletico and Marseille in Lyon by selling 50% of the tickets.

Keep following future UEFA events for a wider use of blockchain ticket distribution.


  • Hardcore football fans can pay extremely large amounts of money for a game they couldn’t find official tickets for. This gave a lucrative option for black market dealers and illegal ticket replicators. With this new system, tickets will be untamperable.
  • Buying tickets with traditional methods can be a big hassle. It is expected to see a substantial improvement in the process of buying tickets to football games.
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