Opera Adds Crypto Wallet to Desktop Browser
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Opera developers have opened access to the recently released Android version of Ethereum-wallet through the desktop version of the browser, the company reported in its Twitter account.

According to the representatives of Opera, the decision was made after the company received numerous requests from the browser’s users, the total number of which today is 322 million people. They also stressed that users won’t have to install any extensions to the desktop version of the browser. To use the Ethereum-wallet, you need to connect the browser to the mobile application by scanning the QR-code. In this case, the keys will be safely stored on the phone, and users will have the opportunity to sign transactions with fingerprints.

The product manager for Opera Crypto, Charles Hamel commented on the move saying that the opening of the PC browser to the world of cryptocurrencies marks the next step of the team, that is to make the digital assets and Web 3.0 become mainstream.

Last month, Opera developers have built-in the supporting ERC-20 and ERC-721 standards wallet for Ethereum in the mobile browser version for Android.

Integrating the wallet into the browser version for computers is designed to solve two tasks:

1. Users no longer have to install specialized extensions to work with cryptocurrencies It will be enough to connect the browser to a mobile wallet using the QR-code.

2. The phone can be used to store private keys and manage the wallet. Users of the desktop version of the wallet will only have to put their finger on the phone to sign the transaction and will not have to enter long passwords.

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