Happy International CryptoKitties Day
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Well, ok, not really сrypto kitties. Today is the International day of all cats. However, the crypto community has their own domestic mugging pets. It's about them we'll talk.

The essence of the game CryptoKitties is the purchase and breeding of virtual kittens. This blockchain-game has gained incredible popularity among crypto community. It was created by a Canadian-American studio Axiom Zen. Information about animals is stored in Ethereum network.

The user is offered to have a virtual kitten. Then it must be crossed with another pet. Therefore, the player gets a new cat with unique characteristics and then sells it. The first 100 cats were named the "Gen 0" and belonged to the developers. Players around the world are buying their offsprings.

The game has very simple rules:

  • The player must go to CryptoKitties website and register. After that, the first purchases will be available to the user in the cat market. The main thing is to remember that every ‘furry pet’ costs money and may not bring profit in the future.
  • Each newborn cat has its own unique coloring and pedigree, which affects the price of the pet. The DNA of the new cat sets its appearance according to the rules defined by the developers. Parents for some time can not start a new offspring after crossing. The rate of appearance of a new offspring in the future is decreasing for each parent.
  • A new cat can be put up for sale. A pet can also be offered for mating for the desired amount. The player can receive money by giving away a kitten. The pet master also has the right to cross his cat with another, pay money and get a kitten. By the way, if no one buys a kitten for a long time, then it begins to lose value.

You can only purchase with Ethereum. By the way, at some point the prices for cats were growing rapidly. Now the excitement has already settled.

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