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7 August

Pornhub added TRON cryptocurrency to its payment methods. Detailed instructions on how to activate premium subscription are published in Tron Foundation blog.

The move is coming after earlier late June announcement that the leading platform for adult entertainment videos will add TRON (TRX) and ZenCash (ZEN) as payment methods.


1. According to PornHub VP Corey Price, cryptocurrencies are especially in demand in the adult entertainment industry, because they are confidential and more anonymous than traditional means of payment.

2. Pornhub is the most famous platform in this area. The appearance of TRON as a payment option can increase the popularity of this cryptocurrency.

3. Tangibility and easier accessibility could be key elements for cryptocurrencies mass adoption.

Pornhub has had a close relationship with cryptocurrency before. Verge (XVG), a cryptocurrency which scrambles users IP and location information, ensuring privacy, was accepted by Pornhub for payment earlier in April.

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