Scotland Recommends Using Blockchain
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Aug. 6, 2018
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The Wallet Services company conducted a blockchain study for the Scottish government and gave a number of recommendations on the introduction and application of the technology.

The research report was commissioned by the Scottish Government Digital Directorate in September 2017. Its task is to explore the potential benefits of distributed ledger technology (DLT) in the public sector of Scotland.

The document says that DLT offers great opportunities for safe and open data storage. Blockchain will enable the government to create digital services and join the "international ecosystem" of DLT. The report also highlighted the importance of introducing technology in areas where Scottish public services still rely on paper or Internet-based paper substitutes.

Researchers also found potential for DLT to create new mechanisms for providing public services, economic models and circular economic ecosystems. As authors of the document note, the report is based on a study of international best practices, including interviews with technology experts and local public sector agencies, as well as experience in global realities of public sector.

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1. The authors of the document emphasize that an effective and appropriate exchange of information is extremely important for ensuring interorganizational cooperation and improving service for citizens. It is the blockchain that can help in this information exchange, since its technology is based on the invariability and transparency of data being entered.

2. Researchers propose to allocate funding to a group of progressive leaders from the public sector. This will help determine common themes for deploying DLTs to solve common problems. They must actively scan the horizon, share their experience in the international network and recognize that although some initiatives will fail, it's better than doing nothing and staying behind.

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