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The association behind the Japanese crypto exchanges has requested certification form the Financial Services Agency (FSA), the country’s financial regulator.

The Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (Jvcea) has 16 crypto exchanges, which are approved by the government, as their members. The organization is looking to become a certified business in order to play the role of a self-regulatory body for exchanges that deal with digital currency. The goals of this endeavor involve giving regulatory rules and guidelines to its members, in order to develop the crypto sector and provide more protection to its users.

It has been reported that Jvcea already has a draft of the rules and regulations regarding the functioning of crypto exchanges. It has been suggested that the restriction of privacy coin listings and minor and elderly trading may occur, as well as a ban on insider trading.


  1. Creating a regulatory body for cryptocurrency exchanges will help develop the field and protect its users.
  2. If successful, this move can help build up trust towards crypto in Japan
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