German Stock Exchange To Launch Crypto Trading App
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4 August

Boerse Stuttgart, the second-largest German stock exchange is to launch a crypto end-to-end infrastructure, which will include an initial coin offerings (ICOs) platform. The free app going under the name of "BISON" will appear in September. After the crypto trading app sees light, an ICO platform will become available, that will permit tokens to be released via a regulated and transparent procedure for various uses including for corporate finance, shared Boerse Stuttgart.

The company’s CEO, Alexander Höptner, shared the news:

"Boerse Stuttgart Group is establishing a multilateral and regulated trading venue for cryptocurrencies. At the trading venue tokens issued via our ICO platform can be traded on the secondary market,"

The crypto infrastructure is praised for its safe custody, with services that will provide an array of crypto safety ideas available on the upcoming app. The custody service will be later available over the whole value chain.


  1. A prominent stock exchange like Boerse Stuttgart taking moves towards crypto can attract more people to the sphere.
  2. Trust towards crypto may grow in people who are not familiar with digital currency.


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