Walmart Strives for a New Blockchain Patent
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Aug. 3, 2018
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The American retail giant filed a patent application for managing smart applications using blockchain.

The document describes the management of smart appliances using the blockchain technology. It is assumed that the new system will manage smart devices such as media players or even newspaper kiosks through distributed ledger technology. The user will store on his wearable device a private key that will be used to confirm the transaction.

How it will work on the example of delivery of parcels from drones:

  • The user receives the kiosk key
  • The user adds the key to the distributed ledger
  • In this case, the wearable device is used for authorization
  • User picks up his package after accessing it

Blockchain will be supported by the IoT ecosystem (Internet of things) to manage more complex devices. The patent proposes to create a smart home environment. The management system will be used in almost all areas: home, media, manufacturing, energy, healthcare and many others.

Walmart to Save Lives with New Patent


1. The new application continues the trend of previous applications from the American corporation for blockchain patents.

2. Walmart is actively introducing distributed ledger technology. In recent months, the corporation has filed several applications for various blockchain systems, for example, a delivery management system and a package tracking system.

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