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July 28, 2018

Nasdaq, one of the major stock markets in the U.S. held a crypto meeting to discuss the regulatory situation of crypto and what they can do to help.

It has been reported by an insider who chose to remain unnamed, that Nasdaq met with an array of companies in order to discuss solutions to incorporate cryptocurrency into the global markets. Companies that represented the crypto sphere also attended the event, one such firm was the Winklevoss’ Gemini Exchange. Attempts to get information from a representative of either Nasdaq or Gemini were futile, with only a confirmation that the meeting occurred being disclosed.

However, the unnamed insider shared that a number of matters regarding the future of cryptocurrencies were up for discussion as well as the fact that this was not a single-time event. Regulation and means to audit the progress of crypto were two such topics. The theme of crypto regulation is one that has been lately been popping up everywhere, especially since recently SEC refused to list bitcoin-traded funds.


  1. The discussion regarding crypto regulation is up and about, and the more major companies are involved in such a discussion, the more awareness it brings to the crypto sphere.
  2. If such major players come up with a coherent way of regulating crypto, we can expect to see the product of their thought to be moved to a discussion on a higher level, potentially creating new legislation.
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