CNH & IBM Sign Blockchain Implementation Deal
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CNH Industrial, one of the world’s major capital goods firms, signs a multi-year agreement with IBM to modernize digital core business processes by implementing blockchain technology.

The agreement promises the evolution of the companies digital operations. Through the use of AI, Machine learning, blockchain and cloud technology, CNH Industrial expects to prompt up its business processes game in all departments. This will be a beginning of a new technological era for the company’s infrastructure, creating a platform that is flexible and multifunctional using both blockchain and cloud technology. The company's innovative approach hopes to boost efficiency allowing them to perform better and to adapt to the increasing business demands. Areas that deal with customer base service, will be directly looked into, as well as innovating “Manufacturing, Quality, Sales, Customer Service and Finance Support processes.”


  1. Major companies implementing blockchain technology means that they are becoming more mainstream and widespread.
  2. These technologies allow all spheres within a business to benefit and become more efficient, therefore we can expect with the spreading of blockchain to see a rise in efficiency in many spheres.
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