US Chamber of Commerce in Need for ICO regulation
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24 July

The US Chamber of Commerce is interested in the initial coin offerings (ICO). Novice companies should have access to this method of obtaining financial resources. However, this process should be controlled by regulators.

The organization is confident that at the moment there is no centralized and understandable regulation of ICO in the country. This must be corrected, the chamber, which lobbies business interests to the authorities, believes.

In its statement, the organization claims that the authorities are significantly late in regulating the market of сryptocurrencies and ICO. The US Chamber of Commerce believes that the state does not cope with innovations in the crypto sphere. It is especially important that there are clear demands for ICO, coins in which can be equated to securities.


1. Recently the US Chamber of Commerce and Industry launched the FinTech Innovation Initiative. The main idea of the program is the development of the cryptocurrency market and sales of tokens. This, according to the initiators of the movement, is among eight fundamental principles of FinTech striving to overcome the differences between technology and Washington.

2. The US Chamber of Commerce also proposes to formulate the criteria that identify coins as securities. Such step will allow firms to work in a predictable and clear market environment.

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