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Lufthansa is taking the “Challenge” format to the next level

Together with the SAP.iO Berlin Foundry, Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH) announced that they are starting the first worldwide “Aviation Blockchain Challenge.”

The Challenge itself is essentially a way of attracting attention to the use of blockchain technology in the spheres of Travel and Mobility Tech. Talented blockchain businessmen are encouraged to share their creative ideas and experiment with fresh ways of doing things, in return, they are offered a favorable environment to satisfy their needs. This can also benefit the entrepreneurs by providing good publicity to their companies and projects.

The Challenge has three categories:

  1. the Airline Challenge
  2. the Traveler Challenge
  3. the Supplier Challenge

The Airline Challenge is aimed at finding solutions that would increase the precision of airline operations, and decrease the number of errors that occur. The Traveler Challenge is designed to enhance the customer’s experience, by making flying less complex and more comfortable. The Supplier Challenge is an attempt to increase the transparency and efficiency of supply chains and maintenance.

The Blockchain Aviation Challenge begins with the participants submitting their ideas by the end of August 2018. Next, the chosen will be mentored and will prepare for the final pitch, which will take place in front of the Lufthansa Group's and SAP’s upper management.

Among the prizes listed are "access to Blockchain-as-a-Service from SAP in order to build or improve their MVP" for finalists and "office space for up to 3 months in the Berlin ecosystem"


  1. This has the potential to improve the airplane service experience.
  2. Another industry is moving in the direction of mass use of blockchain technology.
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