Facebook Allows Coinbase Ads
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Coinbase is to be the first crypto company to once again have its ads shown on Facebook.

After Facebook revisited its views regarding crypto-related ads, the U.S. exchange got to be the first back on the pages of the social network. The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, shared this happy news via Twitter, saying that he is happy that Coinbase is back in the Facebook’s good books.

The initial decision to ban crypto-related ads was the thought-child of a number of major technology companies, such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook, in an attempt to fight the crypto scams that were being promoted. This move by Facebook comes at a very good time for Coinbase, since it is currently expanding its business, and ads on the number one social network, surely can’t hurt.


  1. More information about the crypto sphere will be accessible to the population.
  2. In restoring crypto-related ads, Facebook is acknowledging the fact that crypto is a legitimate means of financial intermediation.

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