CryptoKitties Charities "Honu Kitty" To Save Turtles
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The most popular blockchain game available, CryptoKitties together with the marine conservation organizations is drawing the attention of its players to endangered sea turtles by creating an eco-friendly collectible by the name of “Honu Kitty”. The crypto-players had an opportunity to take part in an auction to buy this unique collectible in mid-July. The one of a kind sea-kitten was auctioned off for $25,000, which will go straight to the foundations that are involved in the saving of sea turtles.

This isn’t CryptoKitties’ first dabble in charitable affairs. A Celestial Cyber Dimension Kitty was created by the company’s head of art in May and auctioned off for a staggering $140,000, the money went to a foundation helping the blockchain and art industry. After that a money-raising campaign for a hospital in Seattle for children called “Kitties For A Cause” raised $15,000 by selling 370 CryptoKitties.

The most well-known crypto charity project to this day is the Pineapple fund, created by an unknown Reddit user “Pine”. The project raised over 5000 BTC, around $34 million, the proceedings went to 60 various charities.


  1. Crypto companies are actively participating in charity work. This is good news for the charities and therefore to their dedicated causes.
  2. These philanthropic tendencies put the companies in good light with the people who are not acquainted with the world of crypto.
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