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July 19, 2018
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Steve Bannon, a former advisor to the U.S. President Donald Trump, said he owns bitcoin (Bitcoin) and is also working to create his own cryptocurrency, CNBC reported today. According to Bannon, he made a "good bet" on the first cryptocurrency. "I like bitcoin. I own bitcoin”, said Bannon at the Delivering Alpha conference in New York.


1. Bannon has repeatedly made statements regarding cryptocurrency. In March, he expressed the opinion that blockchain technology and digital coins will bring people "true freedom."

2. In June, during meetings with hedge funds and private investors, he mentioned the possibility of holding an ICO for his project Bannon & Company. At the same time, the former US presidential aide warned investors from the ICO. In his opinion, most of them are just a disaster in which you can lose all your money.

Also during the conference, Bannon said that bitcoin takes control from the central authorities and is a harbinger of the financial revolution. Bannon's idea is only in the preliminary stages, but it can lay the foundation for helping entrepreneurs and even foreign countries to create their own cryptocurrencies since the digital money now attracts people from all walks of life - from drug dealers to Wall Street’s white collars.

Bannon, a former member of the National Security Council, was dismissed from the White House in August 2017. During his brief tenure, he often criticized "financial elites", including representatives of Wall Street and Silicon Valley. Now the former media tycoon calls cryptocurrency an ideal tool to get out of their control.

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