Boeing Partners Over Blockchain & AI Vehicle Development
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Aviation giant Boeing partnered up with SparkCognition, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology firm to develop blockchain and AI-powered tracking system for unmanned air vehicles (UAV) and manage air corridors for safe routes, Boeing announced in its press release.

The founder of SparkCognition and its CEO Amir Husain, considers Boeing as world’s leading aviation company and the partnership with his own company will lead to an ”unparalleled experience in safety, innovation, scale, and reliability."

To drive the research and innovation, Boeing’s new organization Boeing NeXt will be put to use. It will focus on autonomous flight, advanced propulsion and modeling smart cities while finding new ways for the future of transportation to develop.

According to Boeing’s CTO Greg Hyslop aviation reached a new historical level, in which technological novelties and societal trends merge to provide with the brave-new-solutions and different ways of traveling. Boeing has skills and proficiency in “safely and efficiently shaping” this evolving travel and transport industries. Hyslop added that with the help of Boeing NeXt, Boeing wants to build on their “legacy of opening up new frontiers to move people and goods with proven technologies."

Boeing also introduced a video where the future of traveling and interconnectivity is explained in details.

World-leading airline companies and aerospace industry giants turn to blockchain technology to monitor and track their supply chains. Earlier in June, Accenture’s Aerospace Defense has stated that at least 86% of Aerospace and Defense companies will apply blockchain into their systems by the year of 2021.

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