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16 July

Unilever, the largest British-Dutch enterprise, starts operating with the blockchain technology. The transnational company uses distributed ledger technology to restructure the way in which demographic and location data are collected, saved and verified.

The company backs a blockchain-based service that offers transparency and verification of data. Unilever aims to serve its clients in accordance with the latest European GDPR data protection law changes.

Unilever's agents are sure that blockchain brings revolution in every industry. The project is led in partnership with Blis and investors Endeit and Beringea. The service will run on the IBM Blockchain Platform.

Why it is important

  1. Unilever is a giant transnational company that produces food, beverages, cleaning and many other products. The tendency is that even such global companies are starting to use blockchain.
  2. Unilever fundamentally changes the consumer goods industry. Soon in the future, the company will provide consumers with an opportunity to better control their data.

By Ekaterina Ulyanova

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