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July 12, 2018
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Is it the novelty or the room for bigger growth and success of a crypto industry that attracts specialists from the world’s biggest and most established corporations? Could be both, as top-managers and economists leave their dream jobs with big salaries and move to crypto companies. Who does that and why? We try to answer.

Kahina Van Dyke

Just the other day, Ripple declared the hiring of Kahina Van Dyke, who was a Global Director of Financial Services and Payment Partnerships at the social networking service company aka Facebook. In Ripple, Kahina will become a senior vice president of the business and corporate development. Van Dyke will concentrate especially on attracting strategic partners for Ripple in the sphere of global financial services. She established a Facebook relationship with many famous companies such as Citibank, PayPal, TD Ameritrade, Visa and Western Union.

Rachel Horowitz

Kahina is not the first employee who exchanged Mark Zuckerberg's corporation for a fast growing blockchain technology. In April 2018, ex-Facebook and Twitter communications expert Rachel Horowitz, held the position of a vice president of communications at the Coinbase crypto-exchange.

Representatives of her new employer believe that Horowitz will assist in better understanding of how cryptocurrencies develop a transparent and fair global financial system. Her valuable knowledge and experience in marketing, politics and communication, gained from the Silicon Valley may be very important for Coinbase.

Facebook Puts Back Into Blockchain

Note that even Facebook itself strives to be in sync with the advancing technology. The company is learning about all the possibilities of using blockchain in the global social network. Earlier in May, the vice president of Facebook Messenger David Marcus, left his job in order to engage in the development and implementation of blockchain solutions within the company. Evan Cheng also became the Director of Engineering, Blockchain on Facebook. He is one of the company's oldest and most experienced engineers.

Brad Garlinghouse

Moving on to Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, who also held high positions in large projects not so long ago. He was a senior vice president at Yahoo and a CEO of Hightail. Garlinghouse admitted that he joined the crypto company, as he realized that the fundamental changes are coming.According to Garlinghouse, today’s world has the opportunity to make colossal changes in the work of the global financial system, thanks to companies like Ripple. He also admitted that he was used to paying close attention to the future colleagues. Garlinghouse says that in Ripple he met the smartest people he had ever worked with. Because of that every new day in the company brings him a lot of fun, which is a crucial factor for any healthy and productive work environment.

Rob Jesudason

In May 2018, the Chief Financial Officer of the the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) Rob Jesudason, left his job to become the president and chief of the blockchain group for EOS. The firm creates the EOS.IS blockchain software, which aims to support the development of decentralized applications on an industrial scale. Jesudason is assured that is one of the most rapidly developing organizations in the world due to the qualitative approach to the business.

Eric Piscini

Next on the list is a former partner and specialist of the largest consulting company Delloite - Eric Piscini. In 2012, he started working on global blockchain practice. After several years, the introduction and operation of blockchain brought a big success into the company; and in May 2018, it became known that Eric Piscini had implemented all the projects he had conceived and decided to join the Citizens Reserve startup, which introduces distributed ledger technology into supply chains.

Karen Chen

Last but not least is the Swiss holding company UBS Group AG, which provides a variety of financial services all around the globe and yet its divisions’ heads exchange their respected positions with the blockchain industry. Earlier this year, it was announced that the UBS China ex-president Karen Chen became a chief executive officer of the Singapore cryptocurrency company Higgs Blockchain Technology PTE. The firm is engaged in secure and convenient ways of carrying out communication services.

By Ekaterina Ulyanova

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