Russia Waves 2018 World Cup Goodbye
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The FIFA 2018 World Cup has come to an end for the Russian team after their quarter-final game with Croatia. This means that it’s time to cash in those MutCoins, named after Vitaly Mutko, the ex-Minister of Sport and president of the Russian Football Union.

Earlier the Russian crypto platform Waves issued a special token, MutCoin (MTN), the value of which would depend on how well the Russian team did at the World Cup. The maximum prize fund could have reached $2,5 million. Now that Russia is out of the championship Waves are to buy back the issued tokens. The CEO of Waves, Sasha Ivanov congratulated the players in his Telegram channel:

“Russian team played extremely well yesterday, but was quite unlucky. Mutcoin project is over, tomorrow buy walls will be set at DEX and the coin will be bought back at 2 Waves apiece. RO-SSI-YA!!!”

Half of all the MutCoins went to the Russian football players, who showed unexpectedly good results at this World Cup. If they were just a little luckier they could have cost Waves the promised $2,5 million.

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