India's Ruling Party Accused of Bitcoin Scam
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The Indian National Congress party accused the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) of machinations through bitcoins. According to some politicians, the BJP unit in the state of Gujarat was laundering money using the cryptocurrency, Hindustantimes reports.

Representatives of the Indian National Congress (INC) demanded an investigation of this issue under the supervision of the Supreme Court. In their opinion, participation in the "mega bitcoin scam" brought the leadership of the BJP from $727ml to $12.7bn. The member of INC Shaktisin Gohil, believes that with the help of cryptocurrency, leaders of the ruling party could transfer money to various companies.

The BJP denied these statements, calling them lies, and suggested that the Congress Party might have hidden reasons to blame politicians for money laundering.

In June, a court in Ahmedabad put a member of the BJP unit in Gujarat, Nalin Kotadiya on the wanted list. According to the investigation, the ex-legislator supposedly participated in the extortion of bitcoins worth $1.3ml. As The Indian Express writes, the name of the former politician appears in the case of ten police extortionists of Gujarat.

The applicant, the local businessman Shailash Bhatt, accused the guards of the order of having robbed him of 200 bitcoins. Investigators believe that Kotadia helped the policemen kidnap a businessman. Bhatt himself is a figurant of the case of extortion of $22ml from a member of the financial pyramid BitConnect, which was shut down in January 2018.

This is definitely not the best day for India as also today John McAfee attacked local banks with a criticism. In his opinion, decision of the Indian financial regulators to tighten the rules for the regulation of bank accounts related to the cryptocurrency exchange led to the current drop in the rate of the сryptocurrency.

India Upholds Crypto Ban

Note that the Supreme Court of India has left the ban on local financial companies to conduct operations with the cryptocurrency in force. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has imposed a ban on operations with the cryptocurrency for any financial institutions, including banks, as early as April 5.

By Ekaterina Ulyanova

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