Six Giants to Utilise IBM's Blockchain Cloud
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The technology giant IBM (NYSE: IBM) has recently announced the collaboration with the 6 giant European companies. As such, Koopman Logistics, Crédit Mutuel, Teckel Medical, Osram AG, Gruppo 24 Ore and RS Components will use IBM Cloud to implement AI, blockchain and analytics technologies in their work.

Why it is important

  1. Being a global leader in IT and technologies solutions, IBM has a $17.7bn cloud revenue annually and it is meeting the constantly evolving needs of fast-growing markets.
  2. Earlier in April, Marie Wieck, IBM’s blockchain general manager said that broader use of blockchain would bring about an estimated $3.1tn in benefit to the global economy by 2030.

Since all these firms differ in the services they are providing, new technologies will benefit all these companies differently:

Netherland-based Koopman Logistics – company specializing in trucking transportation and the provider of logistics services will transfer all its tracking system on Blockchain technology. The company will get rid of the bunch of paperwork and minimize mistakes made due to the human factor involved.

Italian Gruppo 24 Ore - multimedia company benefits IBM’s platform AI to quickly access and get sophisticated answers regarding the Italian tax law, from more than 1 million documents.

Leading French bank Crédit Mutuel will implement IBM’s virtual assistants (with the back-up in Germany) to coordinate the work of more than 20,000 relationship managers.

The Spanish developer of digital health solutions Teckel Medical took IBM’s AI to help people with advice regarding their health. In some cases, it can even connect you with the real doctor.

U.K. - based RS Components, hardware supplier company created a virtual marketplace with the help of IBM’s technology to assist inventors in selling their product to 650 000 registered members of the online community.

And the last one to benefit IBM’s cloud technology is the German-based lighting company Osram AG. With the hybrid cloud solution, the firm is increasing savings and adapting to the fast-changing market.

"Enterprises across Europe are gravitating to the IBM Cloud because it helps them modernize their existing infrastructures by gaining access to exciting technologies like AI, blockchain, IoT, analytics and more," said Sebastian Krause, General Manager IBM Cloud Europe.

By Nadya Astam

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