F1 Champ Fernando Alonso on Pole With KODAKOne
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2 July

Fernando Alonso, the two-time Formula 1 World Champion and the World Endurance Championship (WEC) pilot partnered up with Wenn Digital, the developer of Kodak’s image protection blockchain platform, in order to guard all images and videos related to him.

“At a time when pictures can be uploaded and shared across the internet within seconds, the KODAKOne Platform will serve as a valuable resource for those in the public eye,” said the CCO of WENN Digital— Benedikt Dohnanyi.

KODAKOne, a blockchain based platform specialized in providing solutions to professional photographers will allow not only Alonso himself but fans from all around the world to benefit from the system. In some cases, fans will be rewarded for registering, uploading and protecting their own videos of F1 pilot.

“We live in a world driven by content distribution across different channels, especially during such large events as F1 and WEC...I’m very excited to know that I have the ability to reward my fans and professional photographers for their creativity, and that the content they produce can be protected by a single platform,” said Fernando Alonso.

Earlier this June, OVG Arena Alliance also partnered up with WENN Digital to use KODAKOne Platform on six OVG Arena Alliance venues, specifically the home arenas of San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings, Minnesota Wild, New Jersey Devils and Phoenix Suns.

WENN Digital is an independent, global news organization based in London with offices in Los Angeles, New York and Berlin.

By Nadya Astam

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