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30 June

The CEO of WAVES, a global public blockchain platform which gives the opportunity to create custom tokens, Alexander Ivanov has made a telegram announcement following a poll, where the WAVES community has said it wants “Waves DEX to be launched as a separate project, full scale decentralized crypto exchange, with user experience and usability close to centralized exchanges?” 76% of the community has voted in favour of the proposition.

"The people have spoken! We will biuld a separate DEX based on our Waves DEX. Most probably it will be focusing on equity tokens."

Currently, Waves exchange platform combines the possibilities of both the centralized and decentralized systems, allowing users to trade such crypto currencies as bitcoin (Bitcoin) , ethereum (ETH/USD) , litecoin (LTC/USD) , ZCash (ZEC/USD) and others against fiat currencies such as USD, EURO, and TRY.

"Trading is as fast as on a centralised exchange, but users retain complete control over their funds at all times. Trading fees on the DEX are low and fixed."

Thats according to the announcement which is published on the webpage of the exchange which is already available.

According to Coinmarketcap WAVES has risen by around 17% right after the announcement and is now occupies around 40th position having jumped a couple of places in the rating.

Not long ago Huobi listed WAVES on their exchange as Insider.Pro reported earlier. WAVES is already listed on the top-3 largest crypto exchanges including Huobi.

Earlier in June, ahead of the start of 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, waves released 100,000 MutCoin (MTN) tokens. Half of those will be given to platform’s users with the rest going to the Russian football team. Waves will buy out the tokens after the 2018 FIFA World Cup ends. The maximum prize fund could reach as much as $2,5 million depending on how well Russia does in the competition.

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