STASIS Releases Its Stablecoin EURS
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June 25, 2018
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Financial tokenization platform STASIS is about to launch EURS, a stablecoin backed by the Euro currency, in Malta on June 27.

EURS aims to address a growing demand from European institutional investors towards cryptocurrencies. The stablecoin will provide a trustworthy haven during excessive periods of cryptocurrency market volatility while also enabling a free off-chain transfer of assets via a blockchain.

EURS will be available for purchase on the London-based exchange DSX from July 4 onwards. Other major cryptocurrency exchanges will follow suit in upcoming months, according to STASIS.

STASIS is a fully compliant blockchain platform that lets investors tokenize any form of financial assets. Through its transparent and regulatory adhering network of partners, STASIS platform allows capital to flow freely between off-chain and on-chain forms of digital assets. The company is based in Malta and has actively collaborated with the Maltese government on cryptocurrency legal frameworks since 2012.

Stablecoins are a multi-billion dollar market which is likely to grow exponentially once institutional cryptocurrency traders and hedge funds enter the field, seeking cryptocurrency assets that mitigate volatility and risk.

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